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Meet the Team

Our Family

Construction Manager

Joseph "Joe" Raucki

Chief tea maker

Joe is the "Son" in AJ Raucki & Son Ltd.  Joe started working for the family business at the age of ?? in 19??.  Joe's attention to detail and quality applies equally to his tea making as his building project management number one skill is making the best tea in the business

Smiling Worker

Mark Raucki

Electrical wizard

Continuing to carry the family torch, Mark is Joe's son, and started working for the family business in 19?? after first qualifying as an electrician. Makes terrible tea though

Construction Portrait

Karen ???

Head organiser

Karen will almost certainly be your first point of contact at AJ Raucki & Son Ltd.  She will....

Construction Manager

Simon Williams

Plumbing Expert & Tea Drinker

Joe's son-in-law, Simon joined the family business in 20?? after previously working on the plumbing for nuclear power stations.  Simon's engineering background often proves invaluable when looking for innovative solutions to complex plumbing and building issues.  Also drinks and rates most of the tea.

Smiling Worker

Grandpa Raucki

Founding Father

Although he retired in 19??  Grandpa had already built an enviable reputation for the family firm across Taunton & West Somerset by the time his son Joe joined him in 19?? 
AJ Raucki & Son still stick to the family values of quality and integrity established by grandpa during those first 30?? years of business

Our Team: Our Team
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